The Heritage Centre/Museum was first opened on 12th June 1993 and on most Saturdays throughout the summer months for the next 7 years. Due to structural alterations to the premises and rebuilding of the exhibition showcases, the centre was closed for a time but reopened in the summer of 2004. During the following year, further improvements were made and completed in the spring of 2006.

The collection of artefacts includes roman and locally made pottery, Victoria Pleasure Gardens memorabilia, maps, photographs and many more items of interest.

See the Visit Us page for full details of opening times and how to find us.


  • There is now an exhibition of Terra-Cotta ware of more than 200 items (all made in Burgess Hill) on display at the Southdown Garden & Heritage Centre, Hassocks, which can be viewed, free of charge, from 9am - 6pm (mon-sat) and 10am - 5pm (Sun).


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